Ana Gutierrez

"... All the company members are my family. As soon as I step foot in the KJ door I am greeted by one of the moms or by my best friends. When I'm having a bad day I know I can count on the junior elites to cheer me up. All of our teachers know us so well that if we act a certain way, they know something is up. KJ has taken me down this yellow brick road and has guided me in all different directions to help me become the person I am today. Without my KJ family members, I don't know where I would be in life. People ask me if I ever get tired of dancing so many hours, and my answer is always no. My favorite days of the week are our long Saturday rehearsals because I get to spend an entire day in my second home doing the thing I love most with the people I care so much about. I thank my Lord Jesus every day for helping me find this wonderful place I call home. I am very blessed and grateful that I have parents who pay expenses and support me at every competition I go to. KJ has helped me figure out my true self and brought me closer to God. There is no place like home, there is no place like KJ! Psalm 133:1 'Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.'"

Katelyn Cummings

"I could tell from the day I walked in on my first day of Pulse that KJ would soon become kind of like a second home to me. Not just because of all the time I would spend dancing there, but because of the safe, loving, and positive environment that the dancers and staff made it to be.

Many of my "non-dance" friends have asked me why or how I dance the hours I do, or if it bothers me how much I am at the studio. I explain to them my love for dance and the studio and how I couldn't imagine my life without them. Some of them can relate, but most don't really understand the commitment. Although dance is a big commitment, whenever I get off stage and I know I danced my best, that's when it is all worth it.

 Dancing at KJ has taught me many things such as technique, choreography, and confidence, but it as also taught me how to demonstrate the "three C's," Character, Competence, and Compassion. One of the ways this is exemplified is by teaching me to use my gift of dance to give back to others through dancing at charity events and being a teacher assistant. Another very important thing I have learned at KJ is to dance with everything I have, especially my heart. There have often been times where I have felt defeated or felt as if I wasn't good enough, but the teachers and students have taught me to just keep giving it my all because in the end it will pay offYou can get good dance training anywhere, but you can't get KJ's love, care, or extraordinary staff anywhere else. There are many more reasons why KJ is like my second home, these are just some of the reasons it is so special to me, and how it has changed my life for the better.




Kari Schmitt

My family relocated to Texas four years ago. Anyone who has relocated a family knows about having to reestablish just about everything in your life - doctors, dentists, schools, etc. And anyone who has relocated a family with a dancer knows how it feels to leave behind a beloved dance studio and start again with a new studio. Finding a new studio for my daughter was high on the priority list upon arriving in Plano and there were many to choose from. We visited several, but none felt like home - that is until we visited KJ Dance. We were immediately greeted by Becky at the front desk and taken in with the beautiful, clean and comfortable look of the studio. Becky not only welcomed us to KJ Dance but to the great state of Texas. She took her time explaining the schedule and the studio to us and she patiently answered our questions. We knew immediately that we had found a new dance studio home. KJ Dance’s incredibly talented owner and staff have nurtured my daughter in ways beyond improving her dance technique. It is not an exaggeration to say that my daughter has also grown in her grace, poise, selflessness and confidence since joining the studio. I am thankful every time I drop off my daughter at KJ Dance for the opportunity we have to be a part of the KJ family!

Michelle Spall

We love KJ Dance! The teachers are extremely talented, caring, and kind. The end of year concert is not your average dance recital. We are blown away every year with the excitement of a real masterpiece production. There are other events as well: KJ's holiday Grinch performance is something my preschooler fell in love with while just in the audience, so we never missed watching a show, and now she'll perform as a company dancer. For the child that wants one fun-loving dance lesson per week, to the student that aspires to dance in college and beyond - foundations of technique, creative choreography, and experience from industry leaders, is all found at KJ Dance!

Bertha Gutierrez

We love KJ dance and all the staff!! They do an amazing job everyday with the dancers in all aspects!!! My daughter has found her passion in dance thanks to this studio!!! Specially the owner of the studio, she is so SWEET and compassionate!!
You would not regret if you consider KJ dance the home studio of your dancer!!!
Not enough words to describe how grateful we are with God to have found this studio since we came from our home country!! God is good!!


"I spend 1,300 hours of my year at dance and 3,120 of my year at my house. There are 8,760 hours in a year, meaning I spend about 15% of my year at dance and 35% of my year at my house (that's only 20% more if you take away the time I spend sleeping, they're almost equivalent, if not more time spent at KJ). If I were at dance for 1,300 hours straight, I'd be there for a little more than 54 days. 

     Yet somehow, those 1,300 hours, that 15% of my year, those 54 days never appear to be enough. With our early 5:00 start times or our late 10:00 endings; I'll always be that person to show up an hour early so I can socialize with my friends or assist another class if needed, and at night you'll find me being the last one in the dressing room so I can spend every minute I can with my studio family. I'm sure the same goes for the other girls, and now come to think of it, my parents too...

     As the saying goes, you don't choose your family, you just learn to love (or tolerate) them. KJ is the family I never had to learn to love, it just happened instinctively. KJ is the most amazing family I could ever ask for. Sharing my love and passion for dance with nearly 100 other girls lets me learn the tips and tricks from the older companies, while sharing my wisdom with the younger companies (whether it comes to dance or other subjects such as school or even boys). These girls let me experience what it is like to have older and younger sisters, which is complete bliss after living in the same house (and sharing a bathroom) with a brother for about 16 years. Now that he is off to college, people always ask me if I like being an "only child" but the truth is I am not an only child; I have almost 100 sisters I get to see every day, and like sisters, we may have an argument or two, but we will always end the day shouting across the parking lot that we love each other and that we will see each other tomorrow. 

     My house is my house, it's where I sleep and watch TV, but KJ is my home. It's where I eat (low-calorie salad or course), dance, spend time with my sisters (and occasionally my parents), and do what I couldn't survive without: dance. There's no place like home and there's no place like KJ, because for me, KJ and home are the same thing."